Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Book of Kells

I found this random link to a trailer to something called "Brandon and the Secret of Kells" some month or so ago and decided today to check it again... and in the process I found a full movie link.

I had little expectations for this film, it seemed pretty, that was pretty much it... And it was far more. A sweet and gripping story about the making of the Book of Kells (seriously update your history if you don't know what THAT is).

The film is made in a sort of Samurai Jack style that were popular on Cartoon Network, only... it is beautiful.

The story is about the boy Brandon who lives within the walls of Kells, a fortress in the building and he has never been outside the walls. One day a monk and his cat comes to the place with a treasure beyond their dreams, the unfinished illuminated book of Iona. He speaks of Northmen that came and destroyed his former home and he had to flee to Kells in order to save the book.

Amazed by the book Brandon soon start to hang out with the old monk and gets a mission from the man... Pick some berries from an oak tree (most likely mistletoe berries) out in the forest to make emerald green ink for the book. At first Brandon refuses yet after a while he decides to go for it anyway and off he goes into the forest.

This is where the magic starts. He meets the faerie Aisling, whom he befriends, and she helps him find the berries. A lot of things happens after that... things I will let you see for yourself.

I can really recommend seeing this film once it is out (It's released in March) it is definitely worth it!

Here's the film's site...