Wednesday, 14 November 2007

RP News and IRL News

Roleplaying news and IRL news
So let's start with real life news... I've just finished 6 comic strips for a newspaper... hope I get picked. And now I only have the contest entry for the Galago comic to do..

My friend Valentin won the "I seriernas värld" contest for best comic with the theme east meets west. His work is TRULY amazing and I am so happy for him.

Then we met Paul Gravett ( ) who came and talked to us about comics and comic history. It was awesome. And along with Paul (he insisted on using his first name) came Sean Michael Wilson who talked about being a westerner in Japan and working with companies like Kodansha and such... it was pretty cool as well... And Mr Wilson is quite the ladies charmer... Drunk and happy he commented on my friend's breasts that "I love breasts, especially two breasts, not one breast, two breasts!"... so yeah.. XD

Anyway... I love my school and the contacts we make through it.

And then we have RP news.

The Original Version of Nathaniel Mea (the one without horns) are now officially Married and Soul bonded with a woman named Yefa. Sooo yeah... It's REALLY sweet and cute. *dies happy*.

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