Saturday, 13 June 2009

New fashion isn't all that new... it's the 80ties all over again.

So... I and my friends went out to find a dress for my friend for her brother's graduation... And damn, what the hell is up with the fashions these days? As a person who wear what I like and don't really care about popular fashion I haven't kept up with what's "in" at the moment... and thank the Gods for that.

We started off by going to H&M which usually have SOMETHING nice to get (like leggings or whatever) and what do we see the moment we get into the store if not these HORRIBLE flowery granny dresses that make you look pregnant if you wear them. I mean WTF? All three of us just stared in horror at the dresses and then went into the store to see if it got better...

But it didn't.

As we got inside we saw even uglier flowery dresses and blouses... And the other stuff in there? 80ties is all I say.

Bloody 80ties! Piss-yellow skirts and shirts, horrible sparkly dresses with ugly prints on them... shit I saw my mother wear during the 80ties.

I am sorry, but the 80ties was a decade of fashion disasters. I mean seriously... 80ties shorts? *shudders* I saw a pair.

And back to the dresses... no matter what we tried on for my friend it looked like a pregnancy-dress. I felt sorry for her... eventually we figured out we would either go check out a second-hand store and if we didn't find anything there she would use an old dress she haven't used for a while and fit it for her. (she've lost weight ^^)

So she ended up using something she bought years ago.

I am thankful for not following the fashions and keeping to my own personal style.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fanart for Åsa

Åsa Ekström's characters from her upcoming book "Sayonara September" (A story about a girl who starts a comic school and her life at that school). Check out her homepage.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Sci-fi convention, Christopher Judge and moving.

Well... We (Robin, Catta, Fanny and I) went to the Sci-fi Convention here in Malmö to check out the cool stuff and such. And see if we could sneak some photos of the stars that were there. ( Anthony Daniels (C-3po for those that don't know), Edward Furlong (John Connor, T2) Christopher Judge (Teal'c in StarGate SG-1) And Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw massacre))

We came around 1pm and stood in line to get in. While we did so We saw this HUGE black guy standing in line for the bathroom and people were asking him to take pictures... I barely noticed it until my friend said she needed to go to the bathroom and my friends pointed out that that was probably Mr Judge himself. I stared for a moment and then my eyes widened in shock. It WAS him. Excited as I were I (at the insisting of Catta) went up to him when he returned from the bathroom and asked if I could take a picture of him. And he said yes. *HAPPY* I was so giddy the rest of the time.
Then later when we got in and walked around a bit my other friend (who had helped around the place) gave me her signed photo of Mr Judge and even let me have it dedicated to me. I was SO happy!Later that day me and Robin went to our common friend's birthday party. It was great and we managed to honour Earth Hour as well.

It was all great fun. ^^On Saturday the 4th of April, I will move to Lund. I will most likely have my internet instantly since I am moving in with a friend, Natalia. So I will have closer to my friends, closer to my girlfriend, Nat and in general a better environment then the one that's here. (considering they've been having small riots for weeks now.)

It will be great to move... and my father is coming down to help me. Which is also great. He didn't need to, but he does anyway. ^^ So... I'll get a new place to live and get to see my father in the same day.

Life is goooooood.

Monday, 12 January 2009

New Years and 24-hour comic session

Well, The new year is here and we had a blast during New Years eve. We hung out at the local anime-club and ate and danced all day. It was awesome ^^

I wore that outfit. *points to image of me sitting and grinning.* Yes, that's a corset.

Here are some more images.


Then we had a 24 hour comic session that was really fun. I sketched out 26 pages and will be inking them soon. ^^

Natalia Batista looking very tired XD

And Nat and Amanda working on their comics. ^^ Amanda was really good and made a lovely and sad story for Think Ink's (our studio) fanzine.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Some porn images

Yay some porn.
William and his brother... This was a nightmare in the RP we play, me and some IRL friends of mine.
I play William.

William and Bert... a man on the air pirate ship The Air Bitch that Will has taken a fancy to. (This have yet to happen).

My original version of my Original Character (OC) Nathaniel Mea. I have two versions of this character... One, the OC, made for an RPG called Drakar och Demoner, a Swedish Pen and paper RPG. And then the Gaia Online version. (short hair, horns, tail).

This is OC Nat and his wife, Yefa.

OC Nat and a woman called Yelka. A bit of a "What if.." moment between my Storyteller and myself resulting in this image.

And lastly, an image of my friend's character, Spearfrost... also the lover of Gaia Nat.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Goodbye Grandfather

My grandfather on my mother's side died this morning (January 2nd). He'd been sick for quite a while now and when I visited them in Portugal this September I saw in how much pain he was... so I am just glad it is over now.

Have a good Rest, Granddad. I'll make you proud of me.

Love you.