Monday, 12 January 2009

New Years and 24-hour comic session

Well, The new year is here and we had a blast during New Years eve. We hung out at the local anime-club and ate and danced all day. It was awesome ^^

I wore that outfit. *points to image of me sitting and grinning.* Yes, that's a corset.

Here are some more images.


Then we had a 24 hour comic session that was really fun. I sketched out 26 pages and will be inking them soon. ^^

Natalia Batista looking very tired XD

And Nat and Amanda working on their comics. ^^ Amanda was really good and made a lovely and sad story for Think Ink's (our studio) fanzine.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Some porn images

Yay some porn.
William and his brother... This was a nightmare in the RP we play, me and some IRL friends of mine.
I play William.

William and Bert... a man on the air pirate ship The Air Bitch that Will has taken a fancy to. (This have yet to happen).

My original version of my Original Character (OC) Nathaniel Mea. I have two versions of this character... One, the OC, made for an RPG called Drakar och Demoner, a Swedish Pen and paper RPG. And then the Gaia Online version. (short hair, horns, tail).

This is OC Nat and his wife, Yefa.

OC Nat and a woman called Yelka. A bit of a "What if.." moment between my Storyteller and myself resulting in this image.

And lastly, an image of my friend's character, Spearfrost... also the lover of Gaia Nat.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Goodbye Grandfather

My grandfather on my mother's side died this morning (January 2nd). He'd been sick for quite a while now and when I visited them in Portugal this September I saw in how much pain he was... so I am just glad it is over now.

Have a good Rest, Granddad. I'll make you proud of me.

Love you.