Saturday, 20 October 2007

"Dumbledore was Gay." says J. K. Rowling

Yes, I can say I was quite happy to read this, Actually happy is an understatement... this sort of lifts up the utter crap that was the 7th book and makes it special. I mean, WHEN has a character in a children/young adult's book THIS popular ever been Gay?

LOL This will make those crazy Christians and other fundamentalists have a field day, but who the hell cares? I'm happy and so are thousands of her fans.

Anyway this is what was said...

One fan asked whether Albus Dumbledore, the head of the famed Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, had ever loved anyone. Rowling smiled. "Dumbledore is gay, actually," replied Rowling as the audience errupted in surprise. She added that, in her mind, Dumbledore had an unrequited love affair with Gellert Grindelwald, Voldemort's predecessor who appears in the seventh book. After several minutes of prolonged shouting and clapping from astonshed fans, Rowling added. "I would have told you earlier if I knew it would make you so happy."

Just this bit made me wonder where he's been living the past decade or so...

"I would have told you earlier if I knew it would make you so happy."

If she had looked on the web she would have KNOWN fans would die if they knew this. They would be beyond happy and run around being actually able to say "YES, he was bloody Gay, and it's Official!!"

I think this will make me happy all day actually.


I need to celebrate!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

First video.

Sooo yeah, I added my first actual video to Youtube today and gosh darn me... it sucks... so horribly. But yeah...

I was pretty much amazed at how... well... how I look. I was looking at the video and wondered to myself.. "Is that how other people view me? Well... it's not THAT bad." Perhaps this will boost my selfesteem a bit..

one can hope.

My username on YouTube is OmegaSama.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007



Yeah... I am VERY angry and frustrated right now. I very seldom get angry over online things... but this... oh man I want to MURDER someone.

There's this girl who's been stalking/talking to me for a while now, we had some RP sessions and stuff like that. Then all hell broke out when I went to see my IRL friends for 3 weeks. I stayed about half a week longer then I had counted on and the shit started... She was going on about how I hated her and my friends were stupid and how she hated them and blah blah, in that direction. I of course was offended. I mean she was insulting the few people I see as my best friends.


Then I sort of let it slide, I told her fine, okay let's try again... Which worked for about half a second until me and my girlfriend RPed without her and she started whining about that to the point where I wanted to block her from my MSN...

But she calmed down.

THEN, me, my girlfriend and two of our old Gaia pals decided that it would have been cool to make a parallel story-line to that of Gaia only much darker. It worked for about a picture... Then her whining started...

Urk... made me want to never think about that project again... So we put it on Ice and she calmed down again...

THEN, she started emoing over that me and my friend, who thought about the project with me, were talking and RPing with me on MSN...

To the point where I yelled at her... she calmed down for another little while... unless I'm drawing something to my friend... or talk about her, or even do something with her...

Today i got so angry when she started to emo down mine and my friend's collab auction thread with emo bullshitting.

So I drew these two pages...

Otherwise my day was great! Had some nice chats with Lisa Medin and Stef Gaines ^^ <3 And borrowed some comics from them ^^

Thursday, 4 October 2007

HUGE TITS and Birthday!

Sooo yeah. We continued the comic for the manga thingy we're doing in school and I'm not very happy with my pages... but then again, I've been rather out of it lately. So much stress with the fanzines and stuff that needs to be done that Schoolwork seems second.

Anyway... Today I turned 24 years old. Which is rather scary... Next year I'm halfway to 50 XD

Hehe, tomorrow I'm going to treat myself to go see a movie. (StarDust anyone?) ^___^

*points* image are a gift for Lisa Medin and are of her character Catherine Hayes from her comic Medley. ^^

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Art Gifts and such...

Manga drawing all day today... it was pretty awesome and fun ^^ We were mostly comic-class students anyway and it was fun working with some of the people in the second year. ^^

And I drew some gifts for Stef, a girl from Class. ^^ It was fun as well..

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Conventions and Fanzines

Promoting myself a little. This picture *points* are the cover for my upcoming fanzine (amateur comic book). It'll be one of two (maybe three) fanzines I will be selling at two upcoming conventions here in Sweden.

Ai:Love and BLYG...

Yeah... it'll be fun and see where this will go.

I was invited to come with Stef Gaines and them to go to BLYG.. and I REALLY hope I can go, and Ai:Love is just DoujinMadoi with an added flare of new and fresh... And bigger budget XD. Good old friends and people I know. Probably will be working there when I go.

So yeah...

Första inlägget i bloggen. Jag kommer nog fortsätta uppdatera detta i både engelska och svenska, mest bara för att jag kan.


Vem är jag då? Tjaa, jag är en 24 årig tjej vid namn Diana Davidsson, för tillfället bosatt i Malmö i Sverige, här går jag serietecknar utbildningen på Kvarnby Folkhögskola. Serie 1:an för att vara exact.

Det är riktigt kul faktiskt.

Träffat en massa nya intressanta människor på skolan så jag är glad och nöjd.

Nåja, jag har en del gallerier som jag kommer posta i länkarna på sidan här och sedan kommer jag uppdatera här med serier och illustrationer.