Monday, 12 January 2009

New Years and 24-hour comic session

Well, The new year is here and we had a blast during New Years eve. We hung out at the local anime-club and ate and danced all day. It was awesome ^^

I wore that outfit. *points to image of me sitting and grinning.* Yes, that's a corset.

Here are some more images.


Then we had a 24 hour comic session that was really fun. I sketched out 26 pages and will be inking them soon. ^^

Natalia Batista looking very tired XD

And Nat and Amanda working on their comics. ^^ Amanda was really good and made a lovely and sad story for Think Ink's (our studio) fanzine.


Stef said...

Corsett = love

Elvenboyslut said...

Two pretty kitties.