Sunday, 14 December 2008

Many Names, Many Dreams

This is the newest submission to my character repertoire, IT is a spirit of the forest, a "Väsen" out of Swedish lore. It's based slightly on two Swedish myths about woodland creatures; The Troll (which in Swedish lore used to be beautiful and lure men and women to their lair where they kept them hostage) and the "Skogsrå" (a woman with a rotting wooden back and a fox's tail that presided over the forest and all its creatures, as well as punished the wicked by luring them to be lost in the woods. She was also known to lure men to have sex with her.)

This creature here is a fair androgynous creature that could be either male or female but is really neither. It doesn't have a sex until the person it lures into its embrace shows it his or hers true desire... Then it takes the shape of what they most want... male, female... and give it to them. It doesn't care about Christian morals, it only care about the person's true self... their innermost desires and heart.

In my short story, this creature will take the shape of a man to please the young man it lures to follow it.

Anyway... drawn at much too late an hour... Enjoy.

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Elvenboyslut said...

The project looks great. I'm looking forward to updates.