Friday, 12 December 2008

Some doodles and thoughs...

I find it funny that sometimes one can watch something and be so... inspired. I love the Roman era in history and reading about it. I even have quite a few books on Roman history and art... Anyway, I've been watching "I Claudius"... so I drew this last night (in the middle of the night, mind you)... based on the Julio-Claudian era's hairdos and Male standard.

Made with blue pen, and almost dry old ciao copics I had lying around... and then added black afterwards here and there.

I am pretty pleased with him.

And I also drew a picture of the Adviser to the King of the Light
Elves from my lesbo comic I'm working on. His name is Sisur and he's surrounded by scandals. This image was made in the same style as the roman man above.

I also were given an idea for a comic by a friend of mine, Natalia
We were talking about how trolls in swedish myths and stories were actually very pretty, and how John Bauer made people think they weren't with his paintings of ugly old things for the story book for children called "Bland tomtar och troll" (Among Elves and trolls). That discussion led me to draw this image where a man is handed a helping hand by a "bergatroll" (mountain troll). When I showed the image to her, she imediatly had an idea for a story.

So we talked and I wrote the gist of it down and when I got home I sketched out 15 pages of a short, but sweet, male homo story between a man and a "skogsväsen" (Forest spirit, sort of).

The idea is that the "väsen" can take the form the person it meets most desire. It is a sexless thing until the heart of the person it approches are revealed. Taking the proper shape for the encounter, be it male or female. It also only takes the shape of their TRUE desire, even if it may be something they have yet to fully comprehend themselves... like closet homosexuals maybe will be faced by their true nature against their will.

Which is why people warn people to be lured by the creatures of the forest.

^^ Anyway, thanks Natta for giving me this idea.


Natalia said...

Haha, no prob! You don't have to be thankful, you made the character that inspired the story!

I hope you'll finish it, because I want to read it! :)

Also, I liked the Roman styled guy, he's going to be the captain, right?
It looks good!
Good luck with all your projects!

Dee said...

Thanks ^^

Naw, he's going to be just a roman. The captain is very elven ^^;

I finished the thumbs (I did the four pages / A4 thing you do... it was a good way) and if you have MSN or something I can send them and you can look ^^