Saturday, 20 December 2008

Riots outside my house in Rosengård

Want to know why there hasn't been any real updates lately?

Well, here it is.

There has been protests against the closing of a mosque here in Rosengård (where I live) and the young Muslims that protested it did so peacefully.

Then the Police started placing containers in front of the locale to stop them from entering and they got angry, some younger hotheads started fighting and were taken in and returned to their parents, and after that things started to get ugly.

Outside people (non-muslims, AFA) came in and escalated the angry shuts into full blown fighting.

3 days now the streets has been full of people after dark, people that come here only to fight and make the protest what it was not.


Stones and rocks has been thrown at police and fire-personnel here to put out the fires that are started by the people sending off fireworks at the police. I can hear the explosions RIGHT NOW, as I write this... and the sirens of the Police cars.

It's annoying how something peaceful can get like this... like the European Social Forum that escalated into a battlezone.

Anyway, I haven't slept during the night for 2 nights now, and seeing as it's already explosions and police everywhere at 6:20 PM... I guess I won't be sleeping much tonight either.

Anyway, I'm staying inside and safe, away from all this crazy shit.


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Anonymous said...

hopefully it dies down but yes,stay safe!